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Let us overcome the challenges of public finance for a better tomorrow for all citizens.

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The main challenge as regards the public sector is to achieve efficiency, which is more difficult to quantify and attain compared to the private sector, given the restrictions of public law. We strive to overcome your challenges for a better tomorrow for all of us as citizens.

We are experienced financial advisors to public sector entities, allowing organisations in the following fields to benefit from our extensive experience: 

  • education (education, training and science),
  • health care (pharmacies, hospitals, health centres),
  • social services (occupational activity centres, social work centres, retirement homes and similar),
  • justice (district, local, higher and other courts, prosecutor’s offices, attorney general's offices and other judicial institutions),
  • culture (cultural centres, libraries, galleries, museums),
  • local self-government (municipalities, inter-municipal inspectorates and traffic warden services) and
  • state institutions (ministries, administrative units, government services, inspectorates, social work centres, police and surveying and mapping administrations, etc.).
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Responsible management of public resources is a heavy burden that you can share with us. We will review project documentation for you, advise you on the selection of the most favourable provider of funds by evaluating the bids received, perform feasibility studies of investments or potential projects and define the financing model and financial structure.

The fluctuation of economic cycles affects not only private law entities but you as well. We offer services at every stage of the cycle, and above all we are the key to the normalisation of your business during the economic decline phase. To this end, we will reformulate your business model, including the business and financial plan, and re-establish growth so that the cycle does not lead to potential restructuring. For entities in the alarming phase, we strive for the successful implementation of restructuring. 

At each stage, we are available to manage the sale of assets, provide expert opinions, real estate consulting, a comprehensive set of valuations (property, machinery and equipment, intangible assets, companies, receivables) and conduct a due diligence as well as an independent business review and obtain financial resources for you.

By collaborating with us, you will gain consulting solutions of the highest quality based on a personal approach. Together, we strive for a better tomorrow for everyone.

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As competitiveness in the global world intensifies, the public sector is becoming increasingly receptive to the transfer of knowledge from the business world, taking into account the specifics of the public sector. Having carried out more than 10 projects in the public sector, CSA is a partner that helps you overcome challenges by understanding the specifics of the public sector.

Aleš Ahčan

External Consultant

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  • Valuation
  • Business finance
  • Restructuring of companies
  • Finance sourcing
  • Economic analyses
  • Real estate consulting