Finance sourcing

Ensure good performance and appropriate liquidity structure for your company.

  • Do you need expert help for the preparation of documentation for banks and an outsourced expert in the process of communication for taking out a loan?
  • Are you a company without internal knowhow or experience for obtaining a loan?
  • Are you unable to repay the current loan and need more favourable conditions of repayment, considering the current operations? 
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What can CSA do for you?

CSA experts will advise you about the type of financing that would be most favourable for you, either debt or equity financing, and help you obtain it. Every company needs a reliable source of financing in order to further expand its business growth. We manage the process of financing, refinancing and support in the preparation of documentation. We will lead you through the entire process of financing, from the first step of analysis of the current structure of financing, risk assessment, approach to banks and negotiations all the way to the achievement of the best possible terms and conditions of financing. 

  • Debt financing
  • Equity financing
  • Refinancing

With years of experience and specialised staff, the CSA experts will help you find the right financing and lead you through the process of refinancing the existing loans. As a credible and experienced partner, we will lead you through the process, consult and negotiate with the aim of finding the best possible outcome for you.

Debt financing source

With a widespread network of good relationships with Slovenian banks, the CSA experts helped our customers obtain new loans or reprogramme the existing loans with more favourable conditions. 

We will lead you through the entire process of debt financing. We will initially analyse your existing structure of financing, based on which we will submit the proposal of the optimal structure. In the process of searching for loans from banks and financial institutions, we will prepare the complete documentation, including the detailed loan repayment plan and plan of operations as well as identified risks. In the process, the CSA experts adopt a position regarding the identified risks for banks, which is usually the key issue of clients failing to obtain bank loans. Based on the conducted analyses, the CSA experts will discuss with you the arrangement of the source of financing. We help our clients obtain the most favourable conditions of financing. 

Equity financing source

We help you find appropriate investors to provide equity finance. We help young entrepreneurs unable to obtain debt financing due to short history of existence and inadequate credit rating find the appropriate equity sources of financing (i.e. seed capital). Also, we arrange the equity source of financing for companies unable to collateralise their loans with their assets, usually in the form of a new co-owner or partner of the company. 

In the process of finding the appropriate source of financing, the CSA experts follow your needs. Whether you need a supplemental business plan for potential investors or a market analysis, financial analysis, financial projections or teaser. We will manage the entire process of obtaining equity financing, including the preparation of the support documentation for the investors as well as the analysis of operations, proposals of optimised structure of financing and analysis of potential investors. 


The CSA experts successfully helped with the restructuring (refinancing) of financial liabilities with the aim of stabilising the company. For companies with high costs of financing facing high outflows for financing in a short period of time, we manage the process of refinancing and strive to achieve the most favourable changed conditions of financing. By extending loan maturity, monthly instalment is reduced, which has a positive impact on companies with insufficient liquid assets. We arrange the complete documentation required and manage communication with financial institutions for the purpose of setting up long-term stable position of the company and good liquidity.

CSA experts recommend

If the company’s refinancing is not enough to improve its liquidity position, the CSA experts will recommend financial restructuring of the company.

In the process of finding the equity source of financing, the assessment of the value of the company’s equity stake is used as the basis for the service provision.

In the event of refinancing the loans of critical companies, the CSA experts recommend to financial institutions to carry out an independent business review (IBR) and quarterly monitoring.

When looking for the sources of equity finance, the CSA experts recommend a review of the services of business finance in the event of incomplete internal financial and business processes in the company and provide support in this process.

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