Tax consulting

Legal methods for minimising tax liabilities.

  • Do you wish to reduce the basis for tax payment?
  • Do you need an expert interpretation of tax laws?
  • Are you a related person who needs the business policy of transfer pricing in accordance with the tax limitations?
  • Are you about to sell or buy a company or undergo a merger or acquisition and need insight into and disclosure of potential tax risks?
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What can CSA do for you?

At the end of the year, we often wish we could pay less tax. With CSA tax consultancy, you can reduce your tax liabilities using legal methods, the key to success being prior planning of tax optimisation.

In the scope of tax consultancy, we provide services in the following areas:

Transfer prices

Tax planning and optimisation

Tax due diligence

Value-added tax (VAT)

Corporate income tax (CIT)

Other direct and indirect taxes

In the scope of transfer prices charged for goods and services between the related persons, the client is provided a practical approach in accordance with tax limitations. Compliance of the transfer prices guarantees that clear and expert arguments are provided to tax authorities when assessing eligibility and above all that the established transfer prices take into account the circumstances and factors of the concluded transaction. 

Tax planning and optimisation will guarantee the minimisation of tax liabilities in accordance with the law. In order to optimise the level of tax liabilities, long-term planning is essential, since those liabilities are the result of the operations carried out throughout the year, which can also have impact on operations in subsequent years. CSA experts use legal methods to efficiently reduce your tax liabilities based on the prepared strategic plan for the achievement of this goal.

We provide the service of tax due diligence to companies in the process of purchase, sales or M&A. We usually also carry out tax due diligence, if required by the client, in the scope of comprehensive due diligence, which includes the financial and legal aspects. The aim of the tax due diligence is to identify for the client the critical moments and potential future risks, threats or events that could unpleasantly surprise the client after the completed transaction. We identify the factors that affect the price of the transaction to reduce the asymmetry of the buyer’s and the seller’s information.

With CSA tax consultancy in the area of VAT, CIT and other direct and indirect taxes, you will get answers to all of your tax-related questions. Our service will resolve your dilemma before you adopt a business decision that could negatively affect the company’s performance.

CSA experts recommend

In the scope of tax planning for the purpose of optimisation, the CSA experts recommend you to set up a strategic plan at the level of the entire company.

For companies undergoing sales, purchase or M&A process, we recommend comprehensive due diligence, including tax, financial and legal due diligence.

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