M&A consulting

We offer a comprehensive M&A process service and search for the best possible synergies.

  • Do you wish to sell your equity stake in the company?
  • Are you discussing merger with a specific company and having doubts?
  • Do you wish to find an optimal company to acquire so that you can achieve the desired growth in the future?
  • Do you wish to increase your competitiveness on the market?
  • Do you wish to expand to a new market or abroad?
  • Do you need additional capital to do that (debt or equity)?
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What can CSA do for you?

CSA experts have been providing consultancy services for mergers and acquisitions for more than 10 years and have participated in some major transactions in Slovenia. We monitor and provide advice throughout the M&A process or can merely be a part of your M&A story by providing a specific sub-service.

In a M&A process, we can find an optimal target for acquisition or a company for merger, conduct negotiations, communicate with potential investors, carry out a market analysis, prepare the complete documentation and lead the negotiating process or the purchase process of a company.


  • Determination of the sales strategy
  • Consultancy in the process of maximising the sales price (preparation activities that can positively affect the sales price)
  • Identification of potential buyers
  • Setting up communication with potential buyers and conducting negotiations with them
  • Preparing sales documentation
  • Valuation of the company with the analysis of the value range
  • Due diligence
  • Consultancy in the drafting of contractual documentation and consultancy in the final phase of carrying out the transaction


  • Looking for potential companies and selection of the most appropriate companies
  • Carrying out due diligence of suitable companies (organisation review, accounting review, legal review, valuation of property and equipment, analysis of the environment - macro, branches and analysis of comparable companies)
  • Valuation of the selected company with the analysis of the value range
  • Assessment of various synergy effects
  • Consultancy on the possibilities of financing
  • Consultancy in negotiations, drafting of documentation and completing the transaction

We will take care of your needs related to legal and business issues that may arise throughout the M&A process. We also provide consultancy in the process of signing the contract and analysing all potential clauses of the contract, as well as evaluate their cost impact on the final price.

CSA experts recommend

For the companies in the process of merger, split-off or acquisition, we recommend the CSA company valuation for the purpose of calculating the exchange ratios.

We can assess the synergy effects of the merger or acquisition and the risks, creating different scenarios and advising which of them is the most optimal.

For the needs of the investors, we can carry out due diligence of the company’s operations in the process of its merger or acquisition.

After the sale, the CSA team can offer business and tax consultancy to ensure comprehensive post-transaction services and high-quality support.

CSA office


Mitja Slevec

Mitja Slevec

Managing director

+386 (0)41 330 496 mitja.slevec@si-csa.si

Marko Klobas

Marko Klobas

Financial Consulting Project Manager

+386 (0)31 818 514 marko.klobas@si-csa.si

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