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We will be at your side throughout the entire life cycle of the company.

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In a dynamic business world, companies face many challenges at every step. The increasingly fast-paced development has resulted in a highly complex and volatile business environment and rapidly transitory knowledge applicability. In such an environment, stakeholder participation in the market is increasingly important, which makes CSA the best choice for a trusted partner, as we will be at your side throughout all the stages of the company’s life cycle and strive with you to establish a long-term successful company.

With many years of experience, we have gained insight into the finance and internal processes of a number of Slovenian small and medium-sized enterprises, and as a result we are familiar with the most common challenges and questions you may have. At CSA, we will provide you a full range of consulting services needed by your company, including finance, accounting, taxes and real estate. By choosing one external provider, you will ensure an optimised and simplified internal operating process.

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Regardless of the stage of the life cycle that your company is at, the adaptability of the company’s operation to the business cycle is essential.


With a personal approach and creativity, CSA experts provide top quality consulting services throughout all phases of your company’s life cycle. The wide range of consulting services that we provide enrich the business of our business partners, leading to continuing development to the maximum potential.

CSA experts:

  • carried out 350+ projects,
  • cooperated with 130+ small and medium-sized enterprises,
  • with 10+ years of market experience, have accumulated knowledge from the energy industry, telecommunications, banking, tourism, pharmacy, logistics, manufacturing, retail and many other industries.

By making the right decision and choosing CSA as a reliable partner, you will enable your business to prosper. 

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Working with more than 130 SMEs and setting up my own company, I understand the zeal to build a company from the ground up, from the first and many more ups and downs that follow. In over 10-years of working with SMEs, I learned about the most common challenges entrepreneurs face, identified with the strong inner desire of executives for a successful long-term sustainable business, and came to realise that often the details that separate winners from losers are overlooked. Trust us to gain an insight into your business, and we will share with you our zeal to overcome the obstacles your business is faced with. Allow your business to fulfil its full potential with CSA.

Andrej Cerk

Managing director

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  • Valuation
  • Due diligence
  • Business finance
  • M&A consulting
  • Restructuring of companies
  • Finance sourcing
  • Economic analyses
  • Tax consulting
  • Accounting and accounting consulting
  • Real estate consulting