Gabriela Lozančič

Real Estate Consulting Project Manager

Gabriela began her career path in the public sector, where she worked in the department of financial project realization. Soon after, she transitioned to CSA company, specializing in financial analytics and consultancy. Currently, she operates as an advisor in real estate consultancy and is enhancing her professional expertise by pursuing certification as an Authorized Real Estate Valuer at the Slovenian Institute of Audit.

Gabriela works in real estate valuation for various purposes, including residential and commercial properties as well as specialized real estate. Her work involves conducting feasibility studies on the economic viability of utilizing individual properties, preparing investment reports, and in-depth analyses of specific segments of the real estate market.

She adeptly combines financial analytics with the specifics of the real estate industry to provide comprehensive services in real estate consultancy. She has been involved in over 50 valuation projects for companies across different sectors—energy, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and others—gaining expertise in valuing residential, commercial, and specialized properties like gas stations, hotels, and large industrial complexes.

Additionally, Gabriela has contributed to feasibility studies for real estate projects, investment reports, and market analyses for various clients.


Gabriela Lozančič