Marko Klobas

Financial Consulting Project Manager

Marko completed his studies in Financial Management at the School of Economics and Business in Ljubljana, where he obtained a master’s degree in business sciences. During his studies, he focused mainly on financial institutions and wrote a master’s thesis on banking risks.

During his studies, he started working at the auditing firm KPMG, where he was an assistant in audit projects of financial institutions, whereby he gained a unique insight into the operations of insurance companies, banks and funds. He was promoted to the position of financial consultant within KPMG Poslovno svetovanje. During this time, he participated in due diligences, valuation and financial restructuring of major Slovenian companies for domestic and foreign clients. 

Marko is a project manager at CSA, where he employs more than 10 years of extensive consulting experience to advise clients on transactions (M&A, due diligence), business valuation and real estate appraisal. He is responsible and takes a proactive approach to solving challenges. He is a trustworthy consultant, as evidenced by the large number of business partners from various industries with which he cooperates – financial sector, energy, manufacturing, etc.

He successfully participated in the financial restructuring of many Slovenian companies, advised on transactions of international financial funds and took part in more than 100 valuations of projects, assets and real estate. As he has extensive knowledge of insolvency legislation and the specifics of the Slovenian market, he also consults clients on non-performing loan portfolios.

He upgraded his competencies by training for Certified Movable Property and Real Estate Appraiser at the Slovenian Institute of Auditors, where he is currently a candidate for a license.

Relevant certificates obtained

  • Candidate for the title of Certified Real Estate Appraiser granted by the Slovenian Institute of Auditors
  • Candidate for the title of Certified Appraiser of Machines and Equipment granted by the Slovenian Institute of Auditors
Marko Klobas