Mitja Slevec

Managing director

Mitja Slevec has a master’s degree in economics, majoring in entrepreneurship. During his university studies, he started working at BDO svetovanje, d.o.o. in the areas of valuation, financial analysis, expert opinions for courts, bankruptcy proceedings and compulsory settlements. In 2008, he enrolled in the master’s program in entrepreneurship and started working at KPMG Consulting, d.o.o. as an independent consultant in the field of independent business reviews, restructuring, due diligence and valuation. At KPMG, he was promoted to the position of Manager for the above areas. Since 2014, he has been the official business appraiser registered with the Slovenian Institute of Auditors, and he became the founder and Managing Director of the company CSA svetovanje, d.o.o.

Mitja is a talented consultant on transactions, valuations and corporate restructuring and an outgoing person who likes to explore new ways to push boundaries in projects. His expertise also includes knowledge of insolvency law. In Slovenia, he participated in the restructuring and valuation of large company groups such as Istrabenz, Merkur, ACH, Avtotehna and KD Group. Past experience has shaped him into a good negotiator, understanding clients’ requirements and achieving goals in all aspects of a company’s business, from the perspective of the company’s management, owners, customers and creditors.

Relevant certificates obtained

  • Certified Business Appraiser licensed by the Slovenian Institute of Auditors
  • Candidate for the title of Certified Appraiser of Machines and Equipment granted by the Slovenian Institute of Auditors
  • He has signed 92+ business valuation projects and participated in 120+ valuation projects.
  • He raised a total of EUR 10+ million in financing for companies.
  • He successfully refinanced EUR 100+ million in corporate loans with the help of banks.
  • He carried out 3+ company sales and acquisitions.
  • He participated in 15+ company sales and acquisitions.
  • He successfully restructured 40+ companies as a financial advisor, either through court or out-of-court procedures. 

Mitja Slevec