Expert opinions for legal procedures

Experts’ position regarding the economic view of the issues in court proceedings or in companies when making key business decisions.

  • Are you a law firm and need an expert and well-argued opinion in court proceedings regarding a problematic issue from the economic point of view?
  • Are you a company about to adopt a business decision and need an independent opinion regarding its impact on the development of operations?
  • Are the decision-makers in the company weighing different options of the company’s development in the future?
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What can CSA do for you?

CSA experts prepare expert opinions for you for the purpose of legal proceedings, in which they study the economic side of the problem. The structure of the expert opinion is adjusted to the wishes of the client and the type of the legal proceedings. It is particularly important to submit a reasonably structured expert opinion that enables the parties to the proceedings without any in-depth economic knowledge to easily understand the problem or any responses and arguments related to it. We cover all issues of economic and financial environment and above all we have the relevant experience with legal proceedings covering:

  • market manipulation,
  • establishment and explanation of the reasons for insolvency, inability to pay, overindebtedness,
  • mutual transactions,
  • causing of economic damage,
  • appropriateness of the calculated amount of damage,
  • appropriateness of the assessed market value,
  • opinion of the established solvency and
  • others.

Expert studies and opinions are particularly important for companies facing major business decisions. Our expert studies and opinions are closely related to feasibility studies and scenario analyses. In the scope of expert studies and opinion, the client obtains an in-depth analysis of an economic or financial issue; at the client’s request, it may also comprise potential scenario analyses, environment analyses, industry analyses, financial analyses, benchmark analyses, sensitivity analyses and others.

In the scope of expert studies and opinions, we cover different areas:

Benchmark analyses of the company’s competitive position

Comprehensive industry analyses

Economic analyses of cooperation and company integration

Evaluation of received offers for the purchase of companies

Possibilities of changing the companies’ financial structures

Establishment of solvency pursuant to the ZFPPIPP

Irregularities in the company’s operations

Assessment of the ability to repay the receivables

Economic viability of establishing building rights and others

And other

CSA experts recommend

CSA can offer support to the company's internal financial processes for companies facing major business decisions as an external expert, thus providing additional insight into the operations and potential result of the decision.

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