Business valuation

Estimating the value of companies at the time.

  • Are you in the process of negotiating a purchase of an equity interest in a company? 
  • Would you like to exit and sell your business? 
  • Is the company obligated to strengthen or impair assets for financial reporting purposes?
  • Are you in the process of a merger, spin-off or acquisition and you need an evaluation to calculate the exchange ratio?
  • Do you want to carry out the squeeze-out process, recapitalisation or status transformation of a company?
  • Do you need business valuation for tax reporting purposes?
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What can CSA do for you?

At CSA, we adapt to the requirements of the client, acting either as an independent certified valuer or a consultant. Valuation services are carried out according to different methods and for different purposes.

We deliver valuations for all purposes, such as financial reporting, purchase or sale of a business, merger, acquisition or takeover, exit and partner buyout, company split, increase or decrease in share capital, reporting for tax purposes, for the purpose of status transformation, squeezing out minority shareholders and others.

We deliver valuations for all purposes

Financial reporting

Purchase or sale of a business

Reporting for tax purposes

Merger, acquisition or takeover

Exit and partner buyout

Company split

Increase or decrease in share capital

For the purpose of status transformation

Squeezing out minority shareholders


We will work together with you and lead you through the process of business valuation, resulting either in valuation or further advice for the purpose of selling/buying a company, as well as provide complementary due diligence services yielding key performance results of the selected company.

Throughout their careers, CSA experts have carried out 500+ company valuations for various purposes. Our experts have been present in business valuation for more than 10 years, which makes CSA a trusted partner delivering quality valuations.

CSA experts recommend

In the process of negotiating the acquisition of a company, we recommend that a team of experienced CSA experts undertakes a due diligence to examine the business and financial condition of the target company.

In the process of selling a company, the CSA team provides consulting services on sale and conducts the sales process.

In order to determine the true value of a company, where the true value of all the company’s assets is crucial, CSA offers appraisals of real estate, machinery and equipment, intangible assets and receivables.

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