Real estate appraisal

Real estate appraisal at the time.

  • Do you have redundant assets and would like to sell them?
  • Do you need a mortgage loan that requires real estate appraisal?
  • Are you in the process of proving capital gains tax from the sale of real estate?
  • Is the company obligated to strengthen or impair assets for financial reporting purposes?
  • Is the company undergoing status transformation that affects real estate (recapitalisation with in-kind contribution of real property, real estate split-off and spin-off, transfer of real estate to family members)?
  • Is your company undergoing a due diligence and its primary activity is the letting of real estate?

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What can CSA do for you?

We produce real estate appraisals for various business purposes, whether for purchase, mortgage, collateral, acquisition, financial reporting, in the event of litigation or other needs of the client. In addition, we also perform real estate appraisals for tax purposes and in the event of bankruptcy and liquidation of a company as well as the restructuring and thus sale of redundant assets where an assessment of the value of real estate is important.

We provide the following appraisals

Office premises

Production and storage facilities

Shopping malls

Hotels and other tourist accommodation facilities

Apartments and houses

Specific real estate (quarries)

Building, agricultural and forest land

In the acquisition process, a team of experienced CSA experts will provide you a critical assessment and identification of significant risks associated with the property, which will be included in the analysis of the real estate appraisal. The client is presented with a realistic real estate appraisal in accordance with the applicable laws and the International Valuation Standards (IVS).

In addition to the real estate appraisal, CSA offers support in the sale of the portfolio in accordance with the restructuring plan and any identified redundant assets.

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CSA experts recommend

When selling real estate, the time component of sales and demand for a certain type of real estate is of key importance and is evaluated by CSA based on market trends and in-house market experience.

To clients in the process of investing in the purchase or renovation of real estate, we recommend that an investment plan or study is prepared, providing the investor an in-depth project analysis, including financial plan, scenario analysis and project value with recommendations, guidelines and identified market risks.

For financial reporting, we recommend that a single contractor is hired for all valuations; in addition to real estate appraisal, we provide valuations of intangible assetsmachinery and equipmentreceivables or companies.

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Predrag Djordjević

Real Estate Consulting Project Manager

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